NEPA Painting Pros


Dedicated to commercial, industrial, and residential painting, we strive to provide the highest-quality and above-standard work for every client and every project.

NEPA Painting Pros

NEPA Painting Pros was started in 2012 and serves Commercial, industrial, and residential clients nationally. We make sure to be available 24/7 to accommodate our clients’ hectic schedules, and provide the best service with top-of-the-line products and the most advanced technology.

Local to the Scranton Wilkes-Barre area, NEPA Painting Pros is dedicated to providing professional and outstanding service to all clients, and for every project.
We have built a team of expert painters who put the clients’ needs and concerns first in every aspect of the job. By serving our clients directly with an in-house team, we eliminate any chances of miscommunications, time wasted, or unreasonable billing.

We personally manage every project to ensure consistent and reliable work. We desire to provide exceptional service at low prices. NEPA Painting Pros is constantly changing and improving in order to stay competitive and unmatched in our service. Our expert team-members each bring their own skill-sets and passion to every project, big or small, and are ready to meet the individual needs of our clients.


We’re not just another experienced painting company in the Scranton Wilkes Barre area, we’re a local leading service provider. Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your exterior painting.

Working with Excellence

NEPA Premier Painting Contractor

Our team is made up of expert and experienced painters that specialize in every aspect of interior painting.

Want to completely change the look of the outside of your NEPA area home without the expense of remodeling?

A local business with a national clientele, we travel throughout the country to personally manage each project in order to provide the best quality for our clients.